Rafe's Brain Diary


       I have been having weird symptoms since July/August 2007 - headaches and suddenly throwing up when at school or on holiday! Doctor says it is just a bug ;( but I am ok apart from these episodes - weird!!!!!

It got ALOT worse at the end of November - here is my diary -


  • DECEMBER 2007

  •  3rd -Not feeling too well - keep getting headaches and feeling sick. Mum thinks it may be the nasty virus that is going around.

  • 15th-Have started being sick now - definatley a bug!

  • 17th - ok, Mum is worried now cos I have been not well for 2 weeks now - don't have temperature but am still being sick and have headaches too. I Have been off school for quite a bit and had to come home from football party too! Been to doctors and she said maybe it was virus - but mum is not convinced. She is thinking that maybe I have allergic reaction to something - maybe flea spray she put on my bed? Have washed all covers,duvet and soft toys - makes no difference!

  • 27th - now we think it may be the new Wii we have had for Christmas - could I be suffering from motion sickness? We now have a 40" tv and Dad thinks I may be not used to it and that makes me feel sick. I Have gone to have my eyes tested - all ok (perfect vision).

  • 30th - Really embarrassing today! Went to Warwick Castle and was sick ALL over the path - my Mum and big brother had splattered shoes!! OOPS! SORRY!

  •  JANUARY 2008


  • 4th - 18th -Gone to have my ears tested today - all ok- perfect hearing! I am getting very fed up of this now - I am at school most days but have really bad days -I am mostly sick in the mornings- sometimes when I am still in bed. Mum now knows that it is not a reaction to food as I have an empty stomach first thing in morning. Gone back to doctor - she now says it is 'abdominal migraine' - have been given anti-sickness medicine -YUK!

  • 19th - 26th -REALLY bad now - can hardly move - headache and sickness. Don't want to eat anything. Mum on phone and visited  Doctor alot- she reccomends flat coke! Just feel awful - crying alot too. Have had to stop playing football now as I just don't have the energy.


  • FEBRUARY 2008

  •  Have been going to school on and off for a few days - good to see my friends again. Have been suffering from ear-ache -Doctor thinks its an ear infection - now on antibiotics.

  • 11th - Oh no! Mum has noticed that my face has gone all weird  and droopy. Go to doctors - different one this time-Dr Kulkarni- he says it is Bells Palsy and is very rare in children. Makes an immediate appointment for me to go to Ear Nose and Throat clinic in Worcester Hospital. The lady doctor really gives my ears a good clean - ouch! Consultant says it is not my ears that are causing the problem -no infection. Makes an appointment for me to have a MRI scan at Redditch hospital.

  • Half term - have gone to London for a few days - still have droopy face - cant smile too well and my eye is weird - am starting to dribble too! Not a cool look! Am feeling a bit better though - no sickness - Pizza Express here I come!!

  • Friday -Back to Redditch and go to hospital for MRI scan - horrible - really cold and noisy - listen to my McFly CD. Poor Mum has to sit and wait without music - just the scanner clunking and banging! Have to wait for results - Mum reckons a few weeks to wait.

  • Monday - Consultant-MR PORTER from Worcester has rung and said he would like to see us TOMORROW! Mum is worried sick - Dad away in Scotland so Nan and Grandad coming with us