Rafe's Brain Diary


  Hi my name is Rafe Walker and I am 16     years old and I live in Worcestershire, UK.  I have been diagnosed with a Tectal glioma brain tumour or WART as I like to call it.

This Wart is deep down in my brain and the doctors cannot operate on it because it would be too dangerous and it might damage my brain!

I am now under close observation to see what WARTY is going to do next - it might grow or may just stay the same - we just don't know!!

Warty has caused me problems and was blocking one of the tubes in my brain so that the brain fluid couldn't flow properly. This was giving me headaches and sickness and caused my optic nerves to swell.

I have had an operation called a third venticulostomy-(this is where they burn a new hole in the brain for the fluids to flow.  It's like getting a new drain.) to correct this now and have a wicked scar to prove it - it is in the shape of an 'S' - my fantastic surgeon's name begins with 'S' so I think he has left his mark - thanks Mr SOLANKI !!

(I am being treated at Birmingham Children's Hospital).

I have an older brother Cameron, a mum and dad and twin sister Clementine.

I am normally a really active dude and go to Stagecoach Theatre school on Saturdays to   Act, Sing and Dance. I have played Michael in Billy Elliot and Oliver Twist in OLIVER! I have just won an award too - luvvie!

I love footie & support  WBA (come on you Baggies)

 I think Dr WHO is wicked!

I also play the guitar and keyboard and am learning the saxophone too! Love comedy especially Michael McIntyre and David Walliams. James Corden is cool too!

I have appeared on ITV DAYBREAK and SKY Sports too!

This is my diary which I update regularly- so please keep up to date......

More pics...

It's me!





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